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If the devil were Centuari, he would have been me

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Born into one of the Higher Noble Houses of the Centarui Republic, I, Antonio Refa, was destinied for greatness. Within a short time, I had entered the halls of the Centaurum and become a champion for halting the decline of the great Centauri Republic. Secretly, I desired to seize the Centauri throne and become Emperor.

Under Emperor Turhan's reign, my political aspirations would have come to little end and my life of little note if not for the discovery of Ambassador Londo Mollari. This disgraced politican possessed access to an incredible power that would be the key to the restoration of the Republic's glory and my eventual rise to the throne, so I brought him into my scheme.

Londo's timely actions at the death of Turhan allowed me to quickly seize a position of authority in the power vacuum. I eliminated Turhan's lackey, Prime Minister Mallachi, and installed a puppet Emperor who shared my ideas and goals and desired my counsel in all decision-making. Once in power, I orchestrated a political witchhunt branding my opponents as traitors to the republic and having their houses disbanded.

In the War of Retribution, Londo and I succeeded in restoring the Republic to her former glory. The Narn were brought to heel and their homeworld bombed into submission by mass drivers. The League of Non-Aligned Worlds was became the next target of the great Centauri war machine. World after world fell to our powerful fleets with the helpful assistance of Londo's allies; however, for unexplained reasons my ally suddenly had a change of heart.

Unbeknownst to me, Londo had decided that Mr. Morden and his allies were a danger to the Republic and that our military campaigns made the Republic too vulnerable. In a surprise move, he lured me to Babylon 5 and then poisoned my drink. I was presented with an ultimatium: halt our attacks against the League and bolster the defenses of Centauri Prime or enjoy the little party in my cardiovascular system when the two part poison came together. What choice did I have?......I had to agree to his request.

However not to be outsmarted, I planned a trap for Londo using the Emperor and Minister Virini. I knew that Londo would have the prove his loyalty to the Emperor but I would be there to sabotage his attempts. Unfortunately, I was outsmarted again. Londo's plan to capture G'Kar was a ruse and I was lured into the catacombs below the Narn homeworld. There I was betrayed by my own soldiers who were really members of House Mollari and killed by G'Kar and the Narn resistance. In a final piece of irony, Mollari presented evidence to Virini that I was the real traitor working with the Narn resistance to bring Emperor Cartagia's regime.

When asked if I had to do it all over again, would I have done everything the same? I give the same response that I gave Londo upon the death of Turhan.....damnation is a small enough price to pay for immortality!

Lord Refa also maintains centauri_lords and royal_guardsman. If anyone needs them for roleplaying purposes, please drop him a comment in one of his messages.

Disclaimer: Antonio Refa is a fictional character from the TV show Babylon 5.